Georgia State Law’s Center for Clinical Education Welcomes Jameelah Saleem

We are pleased to welcome Jameelah Saleem to the Georgia State College of Law’s Center for Clinical Education as an Administrative Specialist – Administrative.  Saleem brings a strong administrative background to the Center and will be working with the Investor Advocacy Clinic and the Health Law Partnership (HeLP) Clinic.  Saleem is a strong supporter of clinical legal education and public interest law, making her a great fit for the Clinical Center.  She says:

“Access to needed legal services is important to me.  However, there are times when people cannot afford to pay for the services they need.  It is important for me to be part of organizations that provide services to people despite their financial demographic.  I’ve always wanted to merge administration, law and higher education, and public service.  Here at the Clinical Center, I am experiencing all of those things.”