Translate This!: “My CD is close to reaching maturity.”

By: Julio Perez, Spring 2018 IAC Graduate Research Assistant

When investing in a security, an investor often looks at the underlying company offering the service or if the company’s fortunes will improve in the future. In the case of certificates of deposit, however, an investor looks at the stability of the entity (often a bank) and how likely they are to pay him the promised yield. Continue reading

Translate This!: “I am getting into the futures market to hedge my stock.”

By: Julio Perez, Spring 2018 IAC Graduate Research Assistant

I tend to harp on how unintuitive most investment terms tend to be, but futures tell you everything you need to know about them right in the title. Futures contracts (also known as commodity futures contracts) are agreements made to buy or sell a specified quantity of a commodity at a specified price at a specified date in the future. In other words, instead of agreeing to buy five shares of fruit leather at $1.50 a share right now, you will buy said shares at said price in a week. Continue reading

Translate This!: “I think an ETF will work better for me instead of a mutual fund.”

By: Julio Perez, Spring 2018 IAC Graduate Research Assistant

A good follow-up to discussing mutual funds is a discussion on the very similar yet distinct exchange-traded funds, or ETFs. Just like mutual funds, ETFs are groups of stocks, bonds and other assets which can be invested en masse by a group of investors and managed by a professional portfolio manager. Like mutual funds, ETFs are also regulated by the SEC. Continue reading

I’m a Little Teacup (REITs)

By Eric Peters, Fall 2017 IAC Student Intern

I’m a little REIT trust,

Real estate packed.

Income production,

Is how I’m backed.

Specialized in one type,

A typical fact.

Residential, commercial knacks.


Three types of REIT stock,

Know what you like.

Equity, mortgage,

Hybrid’s a type!

Leveraging is crucial,

Keep safety in sight.

Debt can bring,

Your fears to light.

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The Act of Truly Listening

By: Morgan Licata, Fall 2017 HeLP Clinic Student Intern

Ernest Hemingway once said, “When people talk, listen completely. Most people never listen.” Listening is one of the most important jobs that lawyers have when they meet with their clients. However, oftentimes this vital communication skill is simply forgotten. The act of truly listening is fascinating because it is an action that is so easy yet so hard at the same time. In our fast-paced, high-tech, ever-changing world, communication is more important than ever. Yet, it seems as though society is placing less emphasis on the importance of truly listening to each another.

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Humpty Dumpty (Corporate Bonds)

By Eric Peters, Fall 2017 IAC Student Intern

Corporate bonds, the king of them all,

Largest market, U.S. and all.

Fueling our companies,

Helping them grow,

Secured by their assets,

Supporting their growth.


First pay the principal, locked in for term,

Loaning your money, indebting their firm.

Coupons and interest,

You’ll get in return,

Getting the principal,

When it’s matured. Continue reading

Getting Out of the Typical Classroom Environment

By: Andrew Brown, Fall 2017 HeLP Clinc Student Intern

Over the course of this fall semester I have found myself thinking back to my 1L year and comparing just how much I get to do now. In my 1L year, my biggest stressor was getting the reading done for each class and being sure to review prior. Now, the biggest concerns on my mind revolve around another person entirely: my client. This has changed my perspective for the better and it makes me incredibly proud of my decision to come to law school. The biggest thing I’ve noticed over the course of this current semester is how I feel when I’m in the clinic versus how I’m feeling when I’m anywhere else within the law school.

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