Clinic Interns Provide Education on Preventing Investment Fraud

fall2014corbinOn Wednesday, October 15, 2014, Investor Advocacy Clinic student interns Ryan Corbin, Kori Eskridge, and Kristina Ludwig presented “Fraud Watch 2014: How to Spot and Prevent Investment Fraud” to a group of Georgia State University College of Law students. The event was co-sponsored by the College of Law’s Wealth Management and Estate Planning group. Corbin began by introducing the group and explaining the mission of the Investor Advocacy Clinic. He then explained that anyone with money is a target for investment fraud, driving home the relevance of the presentation. Continue reading

SR-FINRA-2014-026 Rule Change: FINRA Increases Arbitrator Honoraria

By Patricia Uceda, Fall 2014 Graduate Research Assistant

gavelThe SEC approved FINRA’s proposed rule change to amend FINRA’s Code of Arbitration Procedure for Customer Disputes and the Code of Arbitration Procedure for Industry Disputes to increase certain fees for the overall purpose of increasing arbitrator honoraria. Continue reading

SEC Targets International Pyramid Scheme

By Patricia Uceda, Fall 2014 Graduate Research Assistant

pyramidThe SEC recently announced charges against the operators of an international pyramid scheme that raised more than $129 million from investors worldwide, primarily in the U.S., China, and Taiwan.   Continue reading

SEC Charges Four Insurance Agents in Securities Fraud Targeting Elderly Investors

By: Ryan Corbin , Fall 2014 Student Intern

investorOn September 26, 2014, the SEC charged four insurance agents with unlawfully selling securities as part of a multi-million dollar scheme targeting elderly investors. According to the SEC, “the scheme primarily targeted retired annuity holders by Continue reading

SEC Suspends Trading in Nine Penny Stocks in Ongoing Efforts to Combat Microcap Fraud

By Patricia Uceda, Fall 2014 Graduate Research Assistant

bullIn an ongoing effort to put a stop to microcap fraud, SEC recently suspended trading in the stock of nine penny stock companies. If you are unfamiliar with the term microcap fraud, it is the term Continue reading

GSU Students: Learn How to Avoid Becoming a Victim

LAW_IACCollege of Law Students,

Join the Investor Advocacy Clinic and the Estate Planning and Wealth Management society to learn more about spotting and avoiding investment fraud.  On Wednesday, October 15, student interns Ryan Corbin, Kori Eskridge and Kristina Ludwig will present “Fraud Watch 2014″ at the Georgia State University College of Law in Room 100 at noon. Lunch will be provided courtesy of the Estate Planning and Wealth Management society.

This presentations is made possible by a grant from the FINRA Investor Education Foundation.

Interested in an investor education presentation for your organization?  Call us at (404) 413.9270 and we would be happy to discuss how the clinic can create a presentation tailored to your audience.